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Poem: Love is pain by JMaxwell

Hey guys, I thought I’d try something new.  I stumbled across a ton of my old poems from 2007 and I figured I give my old poem writing a try.  I wrote this about love and about hard times in life where love helps you get through and get stronger.

Love is pain- by: Jessica Maxwell

Love is pain.
Where you feel completely helpless,
you can’t take the loneliness,
you can’t stand to be around,
anyone or anything anymore.

You lose hope in life, school, friends.
yet with one look in that special person’s eyes,
and you feel like your okay again,
like you can take it a little longer.

That one person’s voice,
Is a reminder of the love you have for them.
The love that keeps you breathing,
when you have the weight
of the world on your chest.

There touch is so calming.
It brings you to a dazed state
where nothing bothers you anymore.
You’re focused on them and only them.

You smile when you’ve lost all strength,
because their hugs bring you back to life.
When they smile,
you can’t help but smile back
because the emotions you share
are so overwhelming that you lose control.

When they kiss you.
You feel complete.
You feel that nothing can go wrong,
you are lost in pure emotion.

Love is a crazy thing and cannot be lost.
Once you love someone,
its for life.
No matter how much you convince yourself
to hate them, you still love them,
with a piece of your heart.

No matter the pain you go through,
The long silences,
empty nights,
misunderstood arguments.
You love them completely with
everything you are.

You are willing,
to give up your world for them to be happy.
Love is the truest form of happiness
but at the same time,
can cause you the most pain.

When you find love,
Nothing else will matter.
The only thing you see
is that special someone.

The only thing you think of
is being in their arms.
Love is a forever thing.
Not a brief experience.


I hope you enjoy,