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Jakob’s Homemade Slime

Okay, guys, I sat down to test some DIY stuff and Jakob always likes to participate because he loves to get messy. Well, we tried to make a ‘simple’ slime recipe and it completely failed. (I’ll be posting the fail soon!) But that was not going to stop my Jakob.  He said, “You know what mommy, a recipe just popped in my head! Let’s try it!” so we did.

This was 100% Jakob’s recipe and man, his homemade slime recipe worked! No one is more surprised than me. He asked me if we could post it to my blog so here it is.

Jakob’s Homemade Slime:


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DIY Foam Dough

I wanted something super simple and easy to make with my son today after dinner.  So we decided on foam dough.  It was easy to make and immensely fun to play with.  We had a slight incident with the food coloring because my adorable 5-year-old decided that he would put a small piece of the dough in his hand and then drop WAY too much food coloring into his open hand.  (see picture below! lol.)


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