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Ocean in a Bottle Activity


I decided to teach my boy about the ocean and we did two different activities. I will share this one today and the other one next week. So first up is the Ocean in a Bottle activity. We had so much fun but got covered in food dye.

What you will need:

  • Water bottle with a lid
  • Foam sea creature stickers
  • Shells, rocks, sand
  • Blue food coloring
  • Water


So basically this whole activity is child-directed. You just let them decorate with the stickers and create their own ocean. Asking questions or telling them about the different sea creatures based on what sticker they are putting on at the time. My son put a treasure chest sticker on the bottom of the bottle and when I asked him why, he said “Because treasure is heavy and it would go to the bottom of the ocean.”


Next, he put sand, shells and rocks into the bottle to make the ocean floor in his bottle.


It was time to make the water. He added a few drops of food dye and he added some foam stickers into the bottle. Then we added water to it, he shook it up and his ocean was done!


He absolutely loved shaking his ocean and seeing all the things in it “swimming” and floating around. It was an easy activity to do and we had a great conversation about the ocean.





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One thought on “Ocean in a Bottle Activity

  1. That is wonderful every child should be so lucky with most persons working now days kids don’t get to learn stuff from them any more it is great that you take the time to have fun with him and for him to learn some thing about about important and cool things way to go he will love you for the time and fun he has now and Will look back on this when he is older with pride nice job .

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