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What Journalism taught me

Recently, I wrote about why Journalism wasn’t for me but that doesn’t mean that all that education and experience was a waste.  I learned a lot of valuable lessons, habits, and information during my time in Journalism.  Though I won’t pursue it as a career, I can appreciate what it taught me.

Accuracy: Journalism taught me that I need to be accurate in everything I do. People won’t listen if you are inaccurate. You lose your credibility and come off as uneducated when you don’t check your facts.

Focus: It taught me the focus and dedication that I need to succeed in everything I do. Something about having a million things on the go, due at the same time allows you to gain some kind of hyper focus.

Friendship: Journalism taught me that you need to be on some level, friends with everyone because it makes it so much easier to write stories on every topic, get feedback and get back up when you need it. The real difference is choosing who is going to be your close friends and who is just someone you talk to. Having a tight group of friends with the same work ethic will make or break you in the first year of your program.

Adaptation: Of all the things Journalism taught me how to adapt.  Whether things are going well or going horribly wrong, I can change and go with it. A million assignments on the go, I can quickly flip from one to the other so I complete them on time or even early.

Those are just a few of the things that j-school taught me. It’s not something I want to do with my life but it taught me to go after what I want fiercely. It taught me to do things for me and not for other people.  Even though my experience was not the greatest, I met truly great people and gained myself a few best friends because of the program.  That’s more than enough for me to say that it was worth all the craziness and now I know exactly what I want, what I don’t want and I can be honest and unapologetic about it.

Go find what you want and make it happen.





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