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Book Outlet unboxing- Children’s book edition

I grabbed some books for Jakob from Book Outlet and I figured that I might as well share them with you since I will be reading these books every night with my little guy.


Inside Planet Earth-Miles Kelly- $5.99-Paperback

A book that explains earth in a way children can understand!


Patch-David Slonim- $3.59- Hardcover

A sweet short story about a boy and his dog.


Why Does The Earth Spin?- Miles Kelly- $4.79- Paperback

A look at why the earth spins and does what it does.


Why Does Light Bend?- Miles Kelly- $4.79- Paperback

Why does light bend and other related questions.


The Brain: Our Nervous System- Seymour Smith- $4.19- Paperback

An in-depth look at our nervous system in a way kid’s will understand.


I Wonder Why The Dinosaurs Died Out?- Andrew Charman- $3.59- Paperback

Dinosaur extinction and other reasons why animals go extinct and the importance of saving them.


I can’t wait to read these with my little guy, do you have any children’s books you think my little guy would love?





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