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First Book Outlet unboxing


Since I want to start up another book review weekly blog, I figured a book unboxing would be a perfect way to choose a new book, with your help.  Please after you look through this post, make a suggestion as to which book you want me to review first!

Now first Book Outlet is an amazing website, books for super cheap and fast shipping! I will include the price I paid for each book to give you an idea of the amazing deals.

I went a little out of control with this book haul so go grab a beverage and get ready, this is going to take a while.


If I Stay- Gayle Forman- $2.99- Paperback

This book is deemed ‘tragic and hopeful’  which pulls me right in. It is based on a girl named Mia who has a huge choice to make.


Something Real- Heather Demetrios- $4.99- Hardcover

This story is about a teenager who was a childhood star in a reality show about their life.  She escaped from the show and tried to be normal but it is coming to an end because the show is starting again.


Four classics- Jane Austen- $7.99- Hardcover

This chunky hardcover features sense and sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Emma and Persuasion. 


Flipped- Wendelin Van Draanen- $1.89- Paperback

I read this book way back in 2001, it has always been a favorite and now I own it.   A great ‘romance’ story between two grade school kids and the adventure it takes them on.


The Boy in the Striped Pajamas- John Boyne- $3.99- Paperback

What pulled me in to this book was that the back of the book description ends with “And sooner or later will arrive with Bruno at a fence.  Fences exist all over the world. We hope you never encounter one.”


Forever…-Judy Blume- $3.59- Paperback

A book about first love and everything involved.



John Green Collection- $17.99- Paperback

I heard that a The Fault In Our Stars and Paper Towns was amazing so I figured I might as well grab the whole collection to try and read.


The Maze Runner- James Dashner- $3.99- Paperback

A mystery, a maze, a secret and a book that keeps you guessing until the very end?  I’m sold.  I can’t wait to start reading this one.


Uglies- Scott Westerfeld- $2.99- Paperback

A story about a dystopic future that focuses on technology and a society focused on pretty people.



A Bad Boy Can Be Good For A Girl- Tanya Lee Stone- $1.89-Paperback

A story of three girls that get involved with the same bad boy but learn a valuable lesson.


Shut Out- Kody Keplinger- $3.49- Hardcover

A witty battle of the sexes book that is toted as ‘hilarious’ and ‘romantic.’



The Vault of Dreamers- Caragh M. O’Brien- $5.99- Hardcover

Fighting evil, romance, action and drama. It sounds amazing and has great reviews.



A Girl Called Fearless- Catherine Linka- $2.99- Hardcover

A girl who fights for freedom and love in a world different than ours.


So that is my 16 book unboxing, help me pick which book to review first!






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