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My favorite ornaments/decorations


Merry Christmas everybody!

I figured that this would be an appropriate blog to do today.  Most of my favorite ornaments are so special because they were made by my precious four year old. So let’s get started.



Jakob, daddy and I made this together at Jakob’s school breakfast with Santa party.


This was also a necklace we made together at the same party.



Jakob and his crafting 🙂  snowflakes, angel and Santa.  Oh how I love these cute homemade decorations.



Jakob and I spiced this one up a bit.  Originally it was just a santa head, so we got a snowflake painted it and covered it in glitter.  Then added a few crystals and glued the Santa head in the middle.  I love how it turned out.



This heart ornament is super simple but oh so adorable.  It came from my handsome nephew.  When he made it and put it on the tree, he told me, he made it for me and Aaron because he just loves us so much <3.



This Ninja Turtle Ornament was made by my friend Trina for Jakob and he absolutely adores it.


So these are my favorite ornaments and decorations this year. What about yours?

I hope you all have a great day with your loved ones.  Merry Christmas!




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Recipe: Oven trouble and a delicious unplanned meal

So let’s start with the oven trouble.  For the past few weeks, my oven has been randomly shutting off in the middle of cooking and I figured that it was just slowly breaking because it is a relatively old oven.

Well, I went to make dinner  a week or so ago and the oven wouldn’t turn on whatsoever.  I was frustrated but just ordered some pizza for dinner. My fiance went downstairs to check out the fuse box, it turns out that the fuse blew and it was arching so bad that it caught on fire (a very small fire.)  So safe to say, we need an entire new electrical panel.

Well the electrician came last week and unfortunately they need to give the city 48 hours notice for turning off the power to the house so they are coming on Monday to fix it.

So for the past week and until this monday, this is the equipment I’ve had to use for all our meals.


A food processor, electric frying pan and a hot plate and a huge need to do some grocery shopping. Challenge accepted.

What I decided was to combine all of the veggies left in my fridge plus a pack of italian sausages.

So I started off by cutting up some onions and olive oil and caramelizing them in the pan.



Then I added some sliced potatoes and added them to the pan with the onions.  I also added garlic powder, paprika, cayenne pepper and salt.



Once they were almost cooked, I took it out of the pan and added more olive oil.

I then added the broccoli and cauliflower with the same spices as above.



Time for the peppers! Add more spices and olive oil.



Then add the carrots and the potato and onion mixture and leave for about 5 minutes with a lid.




The last step before we plate is to add the cabbage. Let it cook with all the other ingredients with a lid on until your sausages are ready.




All that’s left to do is plate and top with sausage. Then we are ready to eat!



It was so so good and pretty easy to make.  This is what happens when I get in the kitchen and have no idea what I am making.  Never be scared about trying new things.  Grab your favorite ingredients and combine them. Most of the time, it turns into something delicious.




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December Ipsy: “Thinking of you” unboxing


December Ipsy is here and the theme is “thinking of you”


1. Beauty Without Cruelty- A.H.A. 3% Facial Cleanser-  Full size retails: $11.95


This product is super gentle on your skin and smells great.

2. CAILYN Cosmetics- Just mineral eye polish- Retails: $15 in the shade Orchid


I’m in love with this shade it is a mixture of dark brown with copper highlights, absolutely beautiful on.

3. NYX Cosmetics- Butter Lip Balm- Retails: $4 in the shade Marshmallow


Super smooth to put on and very pretty nude lip.

4. Sexy Hair- 450 blow out heat defence blow dry spray mini- Full size retails: $18.95


This is perfect for saving your hair from heat damage, I can’t wait to try it.

5. Tarte- Deluxe lights, camera, lashes, 4-in-1 mascara- Full size retails: $20


This is my favorite product in this bag, I have been wanting to try this mascara for a long time and it totally lived up to the hype.  Super long lashes, no clumping, I am definitely happy with this mascara.

I am so impressed with this bag and every single item will get used.



**Ipsy is a beauty subscription box that is actually a bag that you get every month for $10/month, free shipping for the US and shipping to Canada costs $4.95.  I am in Canada so my bag comes to 14.95/month + tax.

You get 5 or more beauty items that are customized to you through their beauty quiz and you also get a new makeup bag each month.

You can also gain Ipsy points through referrals, reviewing the items you get on Ipsy’s website and more, you can use Ipsy points to get free products once you have accumulated enough.

You can access the website through my referral link here:   (if you want to help a girl out :P)


You can access it through the normal website,  **

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JMaxwell’s Rambling: I got engaged!

Well, this is a seriously delayed post but the semester has been crazy and I have started my winter break so I figured I would catch you up.

My love and I went up to a cottage on a couple’s weekend to Bancroft from November 7th – November 9th.  It was such a blast and it was the first time we have gone anywhere without our awesome little guy in a very long time.

We had such a great time with a few couple’s that we know, including my sister and her man.

IMG_20141108_111051 IMG_20141108_234849

It was super beautiful and we had an awesome time.

On November, 8th 2014.  My boyfriend proposed to me. It was the sweetest thing in the world, and happened while we were alone in the outdoor hot tub on a beautiful night.

It was a crazy surprise and I really couldn’t be happier.

My fiance and I have been together for 7 years as of this past November 16th.

Aaron and I after we first started dating in 2007. Gosh, we look so young.
Aaron and I in 2008 :)
Aaron and I in 2008 🙂
Aaron and I in 2009
Aaron and I in 2009
Aaron and I with our nephew Ben when I was 7 months pregnant with Jakob in 2010.
2011 2
Aaron, Jakob and I being silly in 2011
Aaron and I in 2012 ❤
Aaron and I in 2013
Aaron, Jakob and I in 2014 🙂

I am so excited to marry the love of my life ❤

10689437_10154626104060576_6110536684496981252_n 2
My two favorite guys in 2014 ❤



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Jmaxwell Update

Wow, it’s been a long time since I wrote a blog post.

During the last few weeks of this semester I got so busy and overloaded with assignments and work.

But I’m back!

I am working on some new posts that will start up tomorrow and I am so excited to start writing again!

So keep your eye out for more blog posts from me!