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DIY: Homemade Christmas Ornaments


It’s almost December, so I thought why not do a small Christmas craft.




What you will need:

8 empty ornaments

2 bags of assorted decoration flakes

piping bag

glow in the dark paint

paint brush


This is going to get messy, if you want to lay down some plastic for easy clean up do it now.

Then remove all the tops from the ornaments carefully.



Stick the piping bag in the ornament hole, then fill the piping bag with sparkles of your choice.



Once it is filled to the top, put the lid back on and repeat with the rest of the ornaments.



All done!  Now get your glow in the dark paint and brush a thin layer of it over the entire surface of the ornaments.

It will give it a slight glow while on the tree in the dark.



Let the paint dry so it is clear and then you are finished!





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