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Friday Review: Top favorite things in Divergent by Veronica Roth

The book is over and I am so so sad.   It was such a good book.  As a way of finishing off this book review, I wanted to cover a few of my favorite things in the overall book.

Here we go,


Top 5 favorite quotes:

1. When Tris realizes she is changing in Dauntless: “Looking at myself now isn’t like seeing myself for the first time, it’s like seeing someone else for the first time. Beatrice was a girl I saw in stolen moments at the mirror, who kept quiet at the dinner table. This is someone whose eyes claim mine and don’t release me; this is Tris.” (Roth. Pg. 87.)

2. Tris begins to love being a Dauntless, “If my entire life is like this, loud laughter and bold action and the kind of exhaustion you feel after a hard but satisfying day, I will be content.” (Roth. Pg. 156.)

3. When Four figures out Tris is Divergent, “Don’t play stupid. I suspected it last time, but this time it’s obvious. You manipulated the simulation; you’re Divergent. I’ll delete the footage, but unless you want to wind up dead at the bottom of the chasm, you’ll figure out how to hide it during the simulation! Now, if you’ll excuse me.” (Roth. Pg. 255.)

4. Fours thoughts on selflessness and Bravery, “I have a theory that selflessness and bravery aren’t all that different. All you’re life you’ve been training to forget yourself, so when you’re in danger, it becomes your first instinct. I could belong in Abnegation just as easily.” (Roth. Pg. 336.)

5. When Peter assumes Tris won’t shoot him and Tris says, “People tend to overestimate my character. They think that because I’m small, or a girl, or a Stiff, I can’t possibly be cruel. But they’re wrong.” (Roth. Pg. 463.)  Then Tris shoots him in the arm.


Top 5 favorite moments:

1. When Four and Tris climb the ferris wheel and they bond together. Tris learns he is afraid of heights and learns how he made it through Dauntless initiation.

2. When Tris stays over with Four after she is attacked by Al, Peter and Drew. They have a  cute conversation and you can see the friendship growing.

3. When Four and Tris kiss for the first time after he tells her that he likes everything about her.

4. When Tris and Four are reunited after Tobias was taken over by the simulation.

5. When they escape and stop the simulation.  When Tobias tells her that he loves her.


Overall opinion of the book:

This book was awesome!

Following Tris through her journey has been an amazing ride.  She is a meek, Abnegation girl who didn’t belong, we follow her through her getting to know herself.

She learns bravery, she learns selflessness.  She learns love.

This story is so easy to relate to.  It had me crying, laughing and cheering them on.

The under-toned love story of Tris and Tobias added to a stellar storyline.

I enjoyed getting to know the characters, feeling the emotions that they went through and being left on a cliffhanger not knowing how they will move forward.

Overall, I loved it and I look forward to reading the next book.



I am taking two weeks off from book reviews to organize my game plan.   I will be reviewing “Four: A Divergent Collection.”  It is a book in the eyes of Tobias from the same timeline as Divergent. It has been requested so much that I figured I might as well do it right now 🙂

The review will start on October, 20th, 2014.


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