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September Ipsy “Street” unboxing!

I’m back with another Ipsy unboxing!  Wow, this one is super late!  If you would like to know more about Ipsy, look at the bottom of the post for a short introduction.

Let’s get right into it!

This month’s theme is “Street.”


The bag this month is tiny but totally cute.  I love it and it’s the perfect size for a purse makeup bag.


Now on to the products,


I like four out of five products which is pretty good for a surprise bag.


This product is a beautiful red  lip gloss by Cailyn.  It is Art of Touch and it is in the color Love Affair. It retails for $19.00.

The color pay-off is amazing and it goes on super easily.


Next up is an eyeliner. This is a Pacifica waterproof liner in the color, “Gun Metal.” I absolutely love it.

It adds a nice flair to any makeup look, it goes on smooth and color is very bright. It retails for $11.00.

IMG_20140910_200847Color of lip gloss and liner.


This is a shadow/crease 2 in 1 brush by Infinity. It retails for $10.51.

I am extremely impressed with this brush, super soft, no brush hair fallout and works amazing.


This hand cream is by Mitchell and Peach. It retails for $19.00.

I love this, it is creamy, soft and very light fresh scent.


Now this face cleanser is by Nourish Organic.  It retails for $13.99.

Now I have no problems with the effectiveness of the product, I actually kind of like that but this products “Natural” smell is horrible to me.

I don’t really like any “Natural, Organic” smelling products so that is my only qualm.

Other than that, this product is awesome.







** Ipsy is a beauty subscription box that is actually a bag that you get every month for $10/month, free shipping for the US and shipping to Canada costs $4.95.  I am in Canada so my bag comes to 14.95/month + tax.

You get 5 or more beauty items that are customized to you through their beauty quiz and you also get a new makeup bag each month.

You can also gain Ipsy points through referrals, reviewing the items you get on Ipsy’s website and more, you can use Ipsy points to get free products once you have accumulated enough.

You can access the website through my referral link here:   (if you want to help a girl out :P)


You can access it through the normal website,  **


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