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Friday Review: Divergent by Veronica Roth. Ch 25-26

Brief no-spoiler overview of Chapters 25-26:

Tris and her friends get new tattoos together.

Will and Tris fight about Erudite.

Four and Tris explore his fear landscape.

Tris finally finds out more personal information about Four.

Four talks about his test results, why he doesn’t want to be a Dauntless leader.

They share a heartfelt moment.












Chapter 25:


Tris and her friends stand at the chasm while Tris throws every article that Erudite has published in the last 6 months.

Tris and Will get into a short fight about their differing opinions on Erudite’s stance on Government.

Tris notices Four walking in the glass hallway, she leaves her friends to go see him.

Tris notices that Will and Christina are extremely touchy with each other, she thinks, “For a second, I watch them. I feel like I am witnessing the beginning of something, but I’m not sure what it will be.” (Roth. Pg. 320.)

Tris tries to sneak behind Four to see where he is going but as he gets to a door, “‘Since you’re here,’ he says, without looking over his shoulder, ‘you might as well go in with me.'” (Roth. Pg. 320.)

They are going to go into Four’s fear landscape together. He pulls out two syringes and Tris realizes that he knew she would follow him or hoped she would.

He tells her to see if she can guess why they call him Four and also his real name.

His first fear is of heights, they must jump into the unknown.  He has his hands wrapped around her out of fear, he can barely breathe.  She hurdles them off ending the fear.

The next one is confinement. The space between them get’s small and they are being pushed into a tiny box. They are so close and their limbs are all tangled around each other.

Four explains that this one is because of childhood punishment being locked in a tiny closet.  Tris is hurting for him.

She takes control and says they need to face this fear, rather than escape.

She makes them smaller and gets Four to pay attention to her heart beat.

As he relaxes, he distracts himself by asking her to explain why her heart his beating so fast, she tries to avoid it but he sees through her.  He laughs and the fear ends.

The third fear is where he has to shoot a plain featured girl. He says this one is easier but Tris notices that it is emotional pain more than it is panic like before.

That one is over quickly, with little help from Tris.

The fourth fear is his worst fear. There is a dark figure moving, the man emerges in Abnegation clothes. Tris realizes it is Marcus. Erudite had it right.

Four says, “he’s the part where you figure out my name” and Tris responds, “Tobias.” (Roth. Pg. 329.)

Marcus heads toward Tobias with a belt saying it is for his own good.

A ton of “Marcus'” surround Tobias and lift the belt up.

Tris notices that Tobias looks defeated and sad. Tobias is cowering away from his father.

Tris steps in front of him, gets hit on the wrist with the belt, grabs it and unsteadies Marcus.

She slaps Marcus with the belt and he dives toward her which is when Tobias steps in to protect her. “He looks angry, not afraid.” (Roth. Pg. 330.)

The fear ends and they are released from the fear simulation.

Tobias grabs her, embraces her and cuddles into her neck. They stand embracing for a while.

The chapter ends with Tobias taking her hand and saying, “Come on, I have something else to show you.” (Roth. Pg. 332.)


Favorite quotes from chapter twenty-five:

While Tris and Four are in his fear landscape,

Tris: “You know, most boys would enjoy being trapped in close quarters with a girl.”

Four: “‘Not claustrophobic people, Tris!’ He sounds desperate now.”  (Roth. Pg. 325.)


Chapter 26: 


Tris and Tobias walk, holding hands. Tris worrying that she isn’t doing it right.

She thinks about how she always though holding hands was silly but holding Tobias’ hand makes it all make sense.

They talk about how Tobias only has four fears.

They slide between a hidden walkway by the chasm, the roar of the water allows them to talk without fear of someone hearing.

Tobias tells her that he got an Abnegation result and that confuses Tris. She thought he would have gotten Dauntless.

He also reveals that he feels like he doesn’t belong in Dauntless…not the way it is now.

Tris says how could he not and he thinks that he could fit into Abnegation as well because he believes bravery and selflessness are the same thing.

Tris says, “Yeah, well I left Abnegation because I wasn’t selfless enough, no matter how hard I tried to be.”

Tobias laughs, “That’s not entirely true. That girl who let someone throw knives at her to spare a friend, who hit my dad with a belt to protect me–that selfless girl, that’s not you?” (Roth. Pg.336.)

Tris realizes that he has been paying attention to her more than she thought.

Tobias comes clean and tells her that he likes her. Tris doesn’t understand why. She says she doesn’t get it because she is young and not pretty.

Tobias says, “‘Fine. You’re not pretty. So?’ He kisses my cheek. ‘I like how you look. You’re deadly smart. You’re brave. And even though you found out about Marcus…’ His voice softens. ‘You aren’t giving me that look. Like I’m a kicked puppy or something.'” (Roth. Pg. 338.)

They stare into each others eyes, Tobias leans forward and kisses her.

She fears she did it wrong but then he kisses her again and they continue to kiss for a while.  As they leave their cozy spot by the chasm, Tris thinks, “I realize that if we had both chosen differently, we might have ended up doing the same thing, in a safer place, in gray clothes instead of black ones.” (Roth. Pg. 338.)


Favorite Quote from chapter twenty-six:

Fours thoughts on selflessness and Bravery, “I have a theory that selflessness and bravery aren’t all that different. All you’re life you’ve been training to forget yourself, so when you’re in danger, it becomes your first instinct. I could belong in Abnegation just as easily.” (Roth. Pg. 336.)


Thoughts on Chapter 25-26:

We find out so much about Four in this chapter, well I should say Tobias.

Gosh, Tris and Four are so cute in these chapters, the bravery Tris has and the trust Tobias puts in her.

He admits he likes her and they kiss! FINALLY!

Oh how I love these two chapters.





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