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Friday Review: Divergent by Veronica Roth. Ch 21-22

Brief no-spoiler overview of Chapters 21-22:

Tris finds she has adjusted well to the Dauntless lifestyle.

It has been four days since she spoke with Tori.

Erudite keeps releasing more articles about Abnegation.

Tris thinks about her choices and why she made them.

Tris goes back into the fear simulation many times with Four.

Tris realizes that she isn’t as affected by the fear as the others. Specially Al.

Progress reports are out for stage two and the results are shocking.

A confused and untrusting atmosphere is taking over the dormitory.

A tearful conversation between Al and Tris.

Uriah, Marlene and Lynn come to cheer Tris up.

Four and Tris have a short conversation.

Tris wakes up and overhears something she shouldn’t. She gets herself in trouble.

She is betrayed and needs help.











Chapter 21:


Tris wanders off to do some deep thinking, she finds her way to the net where she first jumped to join Dauntless initiation.

Erudite released two new articles about Abnegation, one article was about Abnegation withholding supplies and the other about how they should no longer be in government.

When the first one came out, all of Tris’ friends helped to cheer her up and keep her occupied.

Tris wants to spend tonight alone, she looks up at the hole in the roof and wonders what made her jump off the building just to be Dauntless.

She thinks that she didn’t know what fear was but now she does.

Tris’ fears so far are,

1. She is tied to a stake while Peter sets fire to her feet.

2.She was drowning in the ocean.

3. She watched her family slowly bleed to death.

4. She was held at gunpoint and forced to shoot her family.

She is thinking about the details of when she jumped and realizes, that she didn’t jump to be Dauntless, she jumped because she already was Dauntless.

Today she had the simulation of having to kill her family again, she says to Four that she knows it’s not real. He says, “You don’t have to explain it to me…You love your family. You don’t want to shoot them. Not the most unreasonable thing in the world.” (Roth. Pg. 264.)

She explains that it’s the only time that she gets to see them and that she misses them.  Four tells her that he doesn’t miss his family but it’s odd of him.

Tris wonders if Four is Divergent too.

They stare at each other abnormally long and before she leaves with a pounding heartbeat. She thinks that she shouldn’t be so distracted by Four.

She also realizes that she isn’t as affected as the others by the fear simulation.  Drew just stares at the wall and Al screams himself awake all night.   Tris just chews on her nails and has nightmares.

Tris goes to the dormitory to realize that the stage two progress reports are about to be posted.

Tris is first, Peter second and Will and Christina are seventh and ninth. Al is last place.

Tris realizes that Peter’s time is eight minutes where her’s is two minutes forty-five seconds.

Peter loses it and accuses her of having a secret way of getting first, when her friends stick up for her, Peter screams, “Are you blind or just stupid? She’s going to edge you out of the rankings and out of Dauntless, and you’re going to get nothing, all because she knows how to manipulate people and you don’t.” (Roth. Pg. 268.)

Will is now on edge, swayed by Peter a little. Christina sticks up for Tris but seems on edge too.

Tris tries to talk to Al but he is way too upset, he says she wouldn’t understand because it is so easy for her and to just leave him alone.

Tris runs to the place she hid when Edward left and Uriah, Marlene and Lynn find her.

They congratulate her on ranking number one and said that they figured her transfer friends wouldn’t.

They invite her to some Dauntless fun.  Uriah is going to shoot a muffin off Marlene’s head.

It just has plastic pellets in it, and there is some good friendly times.

They go over ranks,  Lynn is first, Uriah second and Marlene is fourth.

They speak about the differences between Four and Eric and determine that Eric goes by new Dauntless rules and Four prefers the old way.

Just then Four enters and kicks them out. Scolding them for being in there when they aren’t suppose to be.

He stops Tris and says, “You belong here, you know that? You belong with us. It’ll all be over soon, so just hold on, okay?” (Roth. Pg. 274.)

Tris and Four get into another staring contest but this time Tris reaches out and grasps his hand. Then turns and leaves.

When she gets back to the dorm, she crawls in her bed and pretends to sleep.

She wakes later unable to get back to sleep and goes for water in the hallway.

She overhears Eric being told that the only reason he was hired was so he could hunt for Divergent people.  Eric is happy to oblige.

As she is listening someone grabs her. She tries to scream but a hand covers her mouth.

At least three people are dragging her down the hallway, she can’t resist.

She hears Peter’s voice and is trying to identify the hand on her mouth, it smells familiar.

She hears rushing water and realizes what they want to do. They are at the chasm.

She is trying get away, kicking and trying to scream.

They slam her spine against the bar as they try to lift her above it.

They grope her chest and tease her about it.

Al’s hand slips and he talks, she realizes he is there and in the moment that he lets go of her, she thrashes and bites an arm as hard as she can and she hears a throaty scream.  They punch her, again and again. She falls to the ground and removes the blind fold as she gets kicked in the stomach. Someone grabs her head and smashes it off the ground.

Peter grabs her throat and lifts her up over the chasm. She tries to hit him but she is too short to get to him.

Then they hear a shout and Peter drops her, she collides with the railing grabbing for it at the same time.

She can’t see and barely comprehends what she is hearing, she hears painful screams and she thinks it’s Drew.

She blinks, steadies and says one word, “Four.” (Roth. Pg. 280.)

With that she closes her eyes, and for brings her over the railing and into his arms.

Favorite quotes from chapter twenty-one:

When Four tries to reassure Tris, “You belong here, you know that? You belong with us. It’ll all be over soon, so just hold on, okay?” (Roth. Pg. 274.)


Chapter 22: 


Tris wakes up in a room she doesn’t recognize and is filled with pain every where.

She notices that Four is at the sink washing blood off his hands and is immediately worried about him.

Tris comes to the realization that Four must have carried her to his room.

Tris notices his bruises and he tells her not to worry about him. He then tells her what happened to her attackers,

“I deposited Drew at the infirmary a half-hour ago. Peter and Al ran. Drew claims they were just trying to scare you. At least, I think that is what he was trying to say.” (Roth. Pg. 283-284.)

Tris is happy that Four avenged her but asks him not to report it because she doesn’t want them to think she is scared.

Tris tries to act tough but Four says, “You can let yourself be in pain, it’s just me here.” (Roth. Pg. 285.)

Four explains that Al did what he did because she made him feel weak. He said it was more about Al than it was about her.

Four then tells her that she should pretend to be vulnerable so others won’t be jealous.

He suggests, “You are going to want to march into breakfast tomorrow and show your attackers that they had no effect on you, but you should let that bruise on your cheek show and keep your head down.” (Roth. Pg. 286.)

Tris is very uncomfortable with this plan because they had “touched” her and Four is furious.

He tells her it’s better for her to be safe right now but “when you get the chance, ruin them.” (Roth. Pg. 286.)

Tris calls him Four at the end of the chapter and he tells her not to. When she asks what to call him he responds with, “Nothing…yet.” (Roth. Pg. 287.)

Favorite Quote from chapter twenty-two:

When Four tries to explain why Al did what he did, “He wanted you to be the small, quiet girl from Abnegation, he hurt you because your strength made him feel weak. No other reason.” (Roth. Pg 285.)


Thoughts on Chapter 21-22:

I loved these two chapters but also hated them (because I hate seeing Tris get hurt.)

I loved the dynamic we see in Tris lately. I love the inner thoughts that she goes over.

I can’t believe she ranked first and the violence that ensued by her enemies and her friend.

I love that Four was there to rescue her and how close it has brought them.

Will any other initiates lash out at Tris?

What will happen when Tris goes to breakfast?

Will Al and Tris ever be friends again?

What is Four’s real name?





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