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Monday Review: Divergent by Veronica Roth. Ch 19-20

Brief no-spoiler overview of Chapters 19-20:

Erudite has released an article about attacking Abnegation again.

Peter and Molly taunt Tris and Tris picks a fight with them.

Will and her other friends distract her.

They all get new tattoos and horse around.

Four and Tris have a conversation in their time off.

Al breaks up their conversation in an interesting way.

Her friends question her about Four.

Tris thinks about her life in Dauntless again.

Tris must go back to the fear simulation.

She faces a new fear.

Four finds something out and they get closer.

Tori and Tris have a heart to heart and Tris learns about Tori’s past.

Tori warns her again about being Divergent.








Chapter 19:


When Tris gets to the Dormitory she hears Peter reading an article about Abnegation and how Tris and Caleb left and why the leaders of Abnegation should be questioned. They want Tris father to answer as to why his children left.

Molly had an interview with them saying that, “I heard her talking in her sleep once, she was telling her father to stop doing something. I don’t know what it was but it gave her nightmares.” (Roth. Pg. 243.)

Tris tries to take the paper but Peter continues to read that Erudite believes that it’s not just her dad but the entire faction that’s to blame.

Tris tries to get the paper but it’s above Peter’s head, she stomps on his foot hard and then launches at Molly.

Will stops her as she screams, “That’s my father! My father, you coward.” (Roth. Pg. 244.)

Tris is mad but Will says that his ex-faction, “They’re arrogant and dull, and that’s why I left them, but they aren’t revolutionaries. They just want more say, that’s all, and they resent Abnegation for refusing to listen to them.” (Roth. Pg. 245.)

Christina and Al join them and they go to get new tattoos.

Al is giving Christina a piggyback and Tris’ new tattoo is burning. Her and Christina got the Dauntless seal, also dressed her in a shirt that shows her collarbone, shoulder and put eyeliner on her.

Will and Tris have a conversation about Tris’ tattoos and how Will thought she was sensible.

Tris notices that even though Al looks happy, he seems off and she’s worried about him.

Tris sees Four and he wants to talk to her.

He is drunk, they have a short conversation about how he wished he could hang out but she’s not supposed to see him like this.

He tells her that she looks good and then tells her to stay away from the chasm.  She says she will and he winks at her.

Al rushes in then and “rescues” her.

Her friends question her about Four but she gives little information up.

This chapter ends with Tris musing about how every night in Abnegation was spent in peaceful silence and how she never laughed so hard she was in pain or was carried by a boy or listened to a ton of people talk at once.  She realizes, “Peace is restrained;this is free.” (Roth. Pg. 250.)

Favorite quotes from chapter nineteen:

A conversation between Tris and Four while he’s drunk,

Four: “I’d ask you to hang out with us, but you’re not suppose to see me this way.”

Tris: “What way? Drunk?”

Four:” Yeah…well, no. Real, I guess.”

Tris: “Well I’ll Pretend I didn’t.”

Four: “‘Nice of you.’ He puts his lips next to my ear and says, ‘You look good, Tris.” (Roth. Pg. 248-249.)


Chapter 20: 


Tris is back into the fear simulation Four tries to console her but all she can think about is how she has been having wicked nightmares and they are taking their toll on her.

Tris finds herself in a glass room, she can see her friends outside, standing with blank faces.

Water starts to fill the tank she stands in, the water is rising. Four smirks and points to her feet.

The water fills quickly and she watches as Christina talks to Peter and then they all laugh.

Tris is panicking, screaming for help. Tris sees Will and it triggers her memory.

She thinks to herself, “Don’t panic. The simulation is all in your head.” (Roth. Pg.254.)

She realizes she can control it, she kicks the glass and it shatters. Waking her up.

Four stares at her. He asks her how she did that.

“You’re Divergent.” (Roth. Pg. 255.)

She tries to play dumb but he sees through her.

He says he will delete the footage and warns her to be careful.

Tris goes to see Tori, she tells her about her brother who got real good in stage two.

When one of the leaders watched his fear simulation, the next day her brother was found dead in the chasm.

Tori tells her that if the Dauntless leaders find out she is Divergent, she will be dead.

Tris is in denial and says, “You’re paranoid. The leaders of Dauntless wouldn’t kill me. People don’t do that. Not anymore. That’s the point of all this…all the factions.” (Roth. Pg. 258.)

Tori tells her that only two kinds of people know about Divergence, “People who want you dead. Or people who have experienced it themselves. Firsthand. Or secondhand, like me.” (Roth. Pg. 259.)

Tris thinks of Four, he doesn’t want her dead, he protected her.  Is he Divergent or is someone he knows or knew divergent?

This chapter ends with Tori’s warning to Tris about Dauntless killing her for being Divergent, “Think about this, these people taught you how to use a gun. They taught you how to fight. You think they’re above hurting you? Above killing you?” (Roth. Pg. 260.)

Favorite Quote from chapter twenty:

When Four figures out Tris is Divergent, “Don’t play stupid. I suspected it last time, but this time it’s obvious. You manipulated the simulation; you’re Divergent. I’ll delete the footage, but unless you want to wind up dead at the bottom of the chasm, you’ll figure out how to hide it during the simulation! Now, if you’ll excuse me.” (Roth. Pg. 255.)


Thoughts on Chapter 19-20:

Peter and Molly really like to piss Tris off and I am liking the fight they bring out in Tris.

Tris being carefree with her friends is such a nice thing to read. I love the moments when you can tell she loves being Dauntless.

Four and Tris are such a cute friendship and Four while drunk is adorable.

Tori’s story is terrifying and makes me worry for Tris.

What will happen with Erudite and Abnegation?

What will happen now that Four knows Tris is Divergent?

What effect will Tori’s story have on Tris?

What’s next?





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