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Friday Review: Divergent by Veronica Roth. Ch 13-14

Brief no-spoiler overview of Chapters 13-14:

Tris goes back to the training room to find that they will be learning something new today.

Eric is in a terrible mood and Tris suspects it’s because he lost the paintball war.

Tris really excels at this new training but her mouth get’s her in trouble with Eric. Four and Tris have a heated argument.

Tris thinks about how visiting day is tomorrow and she wonders if her parents will come. Tris goes shopping because her muscles have caused her to outgrow her clothing.

Peter, Drew and Molly go after Tris is an extremely embarrassing way. They are back to fighting each other again and Tris will be against Molly.

Tris kind of loses her mind and Four must calm her down.









Chapter 13:


Tris walks into training to find they will be learning how to throw knives at targets.

Eric is in an extremely grumpy mood, he is stiff and hard.  He is yelling at them and is extremely impatient.

Tris studies how Four throws the knives and takes her time, practising before actually throwing the knife.

Peter remarks, “Hey, Stiff! Remember what a knife is?” (Roth. Pg. 159.)

Tris uses her anger and hits the target the next throw.  Peter misses again and Tris remarks, “Hey, Peter, remember what a target is?” (Roth. Pg.159.)

After half an hour, Al is the only initiate who hasn’t come close to hitting the target.

Eric is getting on Al’s case and when Al misses again, he tells him to stand at the target while Four throws knives at him, until he learns not to flinch.

Tris speaks up and basically calls Eric a coward for bullying the initiates. Eric makes Tris replace Al and she is trying not to show any fear.

Four reminds her, “If you flinch, Al takes your place. Understand?” (Roth. Pg. 163.) Four keeps goading her and stressing her out but she holds her own, on the last knife he cuts her ear just slightly.

Eric lets her off and is creepy saying that he should “keep [his] eye on [her.]” (Roth. Pg.164.)

Tris feels like he knows she’s Divergent and she is freaking out. Once every one but Four is out of the room Tris yells at Four for cutting her ear saying that he did it on purpose. He gets extremely close to her and says, “If I wanted to hurt you, don’t you think I would have already?” (Roth. Pg.165.)

With that he leaves before she even gets a chance to respond and she screams with a massive amount of frustration.

Favorite quotes from chapter thirteen:

When Tris sticks up for Al and tells Eric off, “Any idiot can stand in front of a target, it doesn’t prove anything except that you’re bullying us. Which, I recall, is a sign of cowardice.” (Roth. Pg. 163.)

Chapter 14: 


This chapter starts out with Tris thinking about Visiting day which is happening the next day. She wonders if her parents will be there and if it will be harder for her if they show up or if they don’t.

Tris goes to have a shower and when she comes out, she realizes that her clothes no longer fit because she has gained so much muscle.

She walks to the room in a towel and Peter, Drew and Molly are there to taunt her. She grabs her dress and tries to leave but they block her.

They tease and taunt her while trying to rip the towel off of her saying, “Look at her, she’s practically a child.” (Roth. Pg. 169.)

As Tris races to the door, Peter rips the towel off of her, they burst into fits of laughter as she runs out of the dorm to the shower, clutching her dress to keep her covered.

Once in the bathroom, she sobs but quickly resolves herself, gets dressed and goes to get new clothes for training.

When she enters the training room, her friends all notice that she is stressed.

Tris sees that her last fight will be against Molly, she was hoping for Peter but concedes that Molly is good enough.

Tris gathers all the rage she has from this mornings incident and the last straw was when Molly stands in front of her before the fight starts and says, “‘Was that a birthmark I saw on your left butt cheek?’ she says, smirking. ‘God, you’re pale, Stiff.'” (Roth, Pg. 172.)

Tris lands the first punch against Molly and that is all she needs, her anger fuels her and when Molly goes down she keeps kicking, ruthlessly.

Tris has completely lost it and is filled with so much rage that she doesn’t notice that Molly isn’t fighting back anymore.

Four has to stop her, pull her away and tell her to stop.

The chapter ends with Tris thinking to herself, “I wish I could say I felt guilty for what I did. I don’t.” (Roth, Pg.174.)

Favorite Quote from chapter fourteen:

When Tris loses her cool while fighting Molly and Four stops her, “I pull my foot back again, but Four’s hands clamp around my arms, and he pulls me away from her with irresistible force.

I breathe through gritted teeth, staring at Molly’s blood-covered face, the color deep and rich and beautiful in a way.

She groans, and I hear a gurgling in her throat, watch blood trickle from her lips.  ‘You won,’ Four mutters. “Stop.” (Roth. Pg. 174.)


Thoughts on Chapter 13-14:

I loved these two chapters, we get to see Tris excel at knife throwing and see into how much she has changed since starting at Dauntless.

Stage one is coming to an end and she is really having a tough time keeping her mouth shut when it comes to Eric.

She has made great friends and big enemies.

Four is protecting her and helping her a lot throughout these two chapters, what is going on between these two?

Will her Parent’s show up?

Will she make it to stage two?




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