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Subscription Box: August Ipsy unboxing: “Beauty Schooled”

I am so excited that my first Ipsy bag has arrived! Ipsy is a beauty based subscription service, (If you would like to know more about the company, I will leave the information and links at the bottom of this post.)

Let’s get into the unboxing,

IMG_20140812_082921 IMG_20140812_082854

What I first see is this gorgeous hot pink envelope in the mail,  once opening I see this orange and white makeup bag which is so vivid and colorful. I am in love!  The next is the “Beauty Schooled” card with a special chance to win some extra “swag” and one of the most exciting, a sample of Urban Decay’s Perversion.


There were five things in this month’s bag plus the makeup bag.


This dry shampoo is amazing, thankfully I woke up to this being in the mail and hadn’t showered yet so I could try it right away. The dry shampoo soaks up oil extremely well and lasts all day long.  Very impressed!


Next is this lip balm, I absolutely love the smell of this product, it is in the flavour: ‘Mandarin green orange ginger.’ It is all natural, non-gmo and is very smooth to apply.


IMG_20140812_082700 IMG_20140812_082623

Next up is the eyeshadow,  I actually love this color for an added shimmer or a highlight for my brow-bone, it is in the color: ‘FSE 110 Half-Naked.” Another bonus is that the shadow lifts up to reveal a little applicator and a small mirror.  So cool!


IMG_20140812_082716 IMG_20140812_082513

Next up is pores no more by dr. brandt. I didn’t really like this, it isn’t terrible but it didn’t really have any effect on me. So it may work well for some and not others.  It comes out in a light beige color but when blended into the skin, it is clear.  One thing I will say is that it is very smooth and easy to apply.


Last but certainly not least, my favorite product in this month’s bag,  Urban Decay’s Perversion mascara sample. It is rather small, 3 ml’s worth but it is so amazing!  I absolutely love this mascara. Easy to apply, long wear and thick eyelashes without all the clumps.

I am so happy with August’s Ipsy bag with a love of 4 out of 5 products and an awesome makeup bag!



** Ipsy is a beauty subscription box that is actually a bag that you get every month for $10/month, free shipping for the US and shipping to Canada costs $4.95.  I am in Canada so my bag comes to 14.95/month + tax.

You get 5 or more beauty items that are customized to you through their beauty quiz and you also get a new makeup bag each month.

You can also gain Ipsy points through referrals, reviewing the items you get on Ipsy’s website and more, you can use Ipsy points to get free products once you have accumulated enough.

You can access the website through my referral link here:   (if you want to help a girl out :P)


You can access it through the normal website,  **


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