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Monday Review: Divergent by Veronica Roth. Ch 11-12

Brief no-spoiler overview of Chapters 11-12:

When Tris wakes up after her escape from the hospital, she is extremely sore and disoriented.

All of the Dauntless initiates are going on a field trip and she is running late.

Christina is extremely supportive and helpful for Tris.

Peter continues to be his normal, cruel self.

Tris sees an old friend.

Molly and Tris get into a little fight.

Tris begins to get suspicious of some things that are happening.

Tris and Four have a cute moment.

Later that night as Tris is trying to get some rest, Eric, Four and some other Dauntless wake them all up for another field trip but this time in the dark.

This time it is a game of sorts and they will be split in teams, half with Four and half with Eric. The winning team gets bragging rights.

The two teams split up and it is an all out battle.

Tris and Four have some more cute moments.

At the end, Tris heads home with some Dauntless born-initiates having some fun along the way.

Tris muses about her potential life in Dauntless.








Chapter 11: Old friends and fences


Tris wakes up after sneaking out of the hospital and she is very sore and disoriented.

Christina wakes her and tells her to get ready fast because they are going on a Dauntless field trip.

Tris is running extremely late so Christina runs to get breakfast while Tris gets ready.

Tris looks in the mirror and can’t believe what she looks like, covered in bruises, cuts and scraps. She doesn’t recognize herself.

Christina returns and hands Tris a muffin and ties her shoes without being asked because Tris is too sore to bend over.

Tris muses that there is Abnegation in every one and that they just aren’t aware of it.

They run to the train and Al helps Tris up onto the train like a child, Tris is grateful and slightly annoyed because it makes her look weak in front of every one.

Peter makes a comment, “‘Feeling okay there?’ Peter says, giving me a look of mock sympathy-his lips turned down, his arched eyebrows pulled in. ‘or are you a little Stiff?'” (Roth, Pg. 121.)

After Peter and his friends start to laugh, Tris’ friends jump to her defence, “‘We are all awed by your incredible wit,’ says Will. ‘Yeah, are you sure you don’t belong in Erudite, Peter?’ Christina adds. ‘I hear they don’t object to sissies.'” (Roth. Pg. 121.)

Christina and Tris talk about whats beyond the fence and Amity farms and what danger could possibly be out there.  Christina jokingly says, “Monsters.” (Roth. Pg. 122.)

They have to get off the train now, right near the fence.

Tris feels safe with her friends because she knows they will protect her if Peter tries anything.

Four tells them all that if they don’t rank in the top five they will most likely end up guarding the fence.  Four also tells them when asked that he ranked number 1 when he was an initiate but chose not to be a Dauntless leader, instead he works in the control room when not training initiates.

The main jobs of Dauntless are guarding the fence, working in the compound control room, tattoo shop or making weapons, or being a Dauntless leader.

The gate opens to let an Amity truck in which is when Tris hears her former name. It’s her old Abnegation friend, Robert.

Molly hears her real name and says, “‘Beatrice?’ demands a nasal voice next to me. Molly folds her arms and laughs. ‘Is that your real name, Stiff?’ I glance at her. ‘What did you think Tris was short for?'” (Roth. Pg. 127.)

After Molly leaves, Robert continues to tell Tris that her family would probably allow her to go back to Abnegation and Tris becomes annoyed with him, “‘What makes you think I want to go home?’ I ask, my cheeks hot. ‘You think I can’t handle this, or something?'” (Roth. Pg. 127.)

The Amity truck is done being inspected and Robert must leave, they wave good-bye and Tris notices that they lock the fence from the outside instead of the inside.

This leaves her wondering why, “I bite my lip. Why would they lock the gate from the outside and not the inside? It almost seems like they don’t want to keep something out; they want to keep us in.” (Roth. Pg. 128.)

She quickly pushes it from her mind as Four walks up to her and gives her trouble for breaking the rules. (You aren’t suppose to talk to people from a faction that is not yours.)

The chapter ends with a short conversation between Four and Tris about how she can win fights showing that Four has a weakness for helping Tris,

Four: “‘You’re fast. If you can get a few good hits in before they know what’s going on, you could win.'”

Tris: “‘I’m surprised you know that,’ I say quietly, ‘since you left halfway through my one and only fight.'”

Four: “‘It wasn’t something I wanted to watch,’ he says.” (Roth. Pg. 129.)

Which leaves Tris wondering what that is supposed to mean.

Favorite quotes from chapter eleven:

A short conversation with Molly that really shows Tris’ attitude,

“‘Beatrice?’ demands a nasal voice next to me. Molly folds her arms and laughs. ‘Is that your real name, Stiff?’ I glance at her. ‘What did you think Tris was short for?'” (Roth. Pg. 127.)



Chapter 12: Paintball war


It has been two days since Tris’ fight with Peter and her bruises are still vivid purple.

She is trying to get to sleep and thinking about how she beat Myra today because she got a good punch in right off the bat but that she can’t rejoice because Myra is weak and can’t punch.

Eric, Four and the other Dauntless come bursting into their room, waking them up and telling them they have five minutes to be ready and on the train. They are going on another Dauntless field trip but this time at night.

They learn once they are on the train that they will be playing a paintball capture the flag game. They will be split into two groups and each team has a flag to hide. First team to find the other’s flag wins and gets bragging rights.

Eric takes all the strong, built initiates whereas Four takes all the fast ones. Tris thinks that Four is using that edge to his advantage even though Eric assumes Four is trying to use them to blame if they lose.

All of Tris’ friends are on her team with Four except for Al who looks visibly upset by this fact.

Fours team gets off the train first and get right down to business.

They end up in an abandoned amusement park and decide to hide their flag by the carousel.

Tris muses about how being Dauntless means trading in your comfort for self-sufficiency.

Four rallies them all together and reminds them that having a quick mind is the most important skill to being in Dauntless, “What good is a prepared body if you have a scattered mind?” (Roth. Pg.139.)

They all begin to argue about what to do, none of them can agree which cues Tris to leave the group and think of her own strategy.

Tris decides the best course of action is to find where the other team is by climbing high. She sneaks quietly away to climb the ferris wheel for a better vantage point.

As Tris starts to climb she thinks, “My heart starts to pump faster. Will I really risk my life for this- to win a game the Dauntless like to play?” (Roth. Pg. 141.)

She climbs the ladder when Four calls her name in a low voice.  He begins to climb with her and while they do so, he asks, “What do you think learning strategy has to do with…bravery?”  Tris responds with, “It…it prepares you to act…you learn strategy so you can use it.” (Roth. Pg. 144.)

At this moment, Tris notices that Four is having a tough time and asks if he is okay. He retorts with asking if she is human and as they get to the top, Tris realizes that he is afraid of heights. She asks him how he makes it through the Dauntless compound and he tells her, “I ignore my fear, when  I make decisions I pretend it doesn’t exist.” (Roth. Pg. 145.)

Tris decides they aren’t high enough and continues to climb up the spokes of the ferris wheel, she knows that one mistake will mean she dies.

She finally gets high enough and sees where the flag is at the pier. They start to climb down but one of the bars snap and Tris is left dangling in the air. She can’t get down and she is slipping.

She calls for Four’s help and he tells her to hang on while he climbs down.

After a few terrifying minutes, she hears creaking and she starts to move, she is picking up speed and she knows she must jump off at the right moment or she will be pulled under and killed.

When she can make out the cracks in the sidewalk, she jumps and rolls out-of-the-way just before a car hits her, she is scraped and cut but okay.

Four helps her up and they laugh while having a little moment and Tris thinks about how she wants to be closer to him.

They return to the rest of the group to find some have left. An older dauntless girl tries to scold them for turning on the ferris wheel but Four shuts her down by saying, “While the rest of you were twiddling your thumbs, Tris climbed the ferris wheel to look for the other team.” (Roth. Pg. 151-152.)

Tris notices that people are looking at her as if she is a different person and even though she feels like she should shrug it off, she comes up with a plan she can’t resist vocalizing.

They approach the pier and the paintball war begins, Christina and Tris are dodging paint-balls and then they see the flag in a tree.

“The flag hangs from a tree branch high above my head. I reach for it and so does Christina. ‘Come on Tris,’ she says. ‘You’re already the hero of the day. And you know you can’t reach it anyway.'” (Roth. Pg.153.)

Christina gives her a patronizing look that makes Tris feel like a child who is trying to hard to be an adult and then Christina snatches the flag and gives a whoop of victory.

Tris thinks, “Maybe she’s right, I’ve already proved myself today. I do not want to be greedy; I do not want to be like Eric, terrified of other people’s strength.” (Roth. Pg. 154.)

As they all celebrate winning and banter back and forth, Al complains about being on the losing team. They all tease him a bit in light-hearted fun.

Tris meets Uriah and Marlene on the train who are Dauntless-born. They are impressed with her intelligence and bravery.

Uriah is playing with a paintball when the train jerks causing him to squirt paint in Tris’ face.

They are giggling and spraying paint on each other, laughing so hard it hurts.

The chapter ends with Tris musing about how much fun she is having as she gets more comfortable with dauntless, “If my entire life is like this, loud laughter and bold action and the kind of exhaustion you feel after a hard but satisfying day, I will be content.” (Roth. Pg. 156.)

Favorite Quote from chapter twelve:

When Tris and Four are climbing the ferris wheel during the paintball game, “‘Are you human, Tris? Being up this high…’ He gulps for air. ‘It doesn’t scare you at all?'” (Roth. Pg. 144.)


Thoughts on Chapter 11-12:

I love the description of the amusement park and how none of them really know why it would be fun, they think about the people who used it and wondered why they would bother.

I absolutely love the back and forth conversations between Four and Tris, they seem to be drawn together but unsure of each other at the same time. The scenes where Four shows he cares are so cute as well.

I also love to watch as Tris begins to have fun in Dauntless and become this new person.

Where is Tris and Fours friendship going?

What will happen between Christina and Tris?

Will Tris, Uriah and Marlene become new best friends?





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