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My top 3 passions


Writing has always been a love of mine. I have boxes and boxes of old notebooks where I detailed every thought, emotion and experience within.  I wrote freestyle, poetry, songs and letters. I wrote with no rules, restriction or fear of it being read. I wrote for me. It was an outlet to help me get through things or express an emotion that I had a hard time doing in day-to-day life.

As I got older, I continued to do all of the above when it came to writing but I started realizing that I also want to write for a career. I found that I loved writing short stories, articles, essays and more detailed research paper.

Something about conveying thoughts on a page is an amazing feeling and when it all comes together at the end. Ahh, how wonderful.


I have always enjoyed working with food and it is something that started very early on.  My dad always retells a story from when I was young. I “cooked” him soup which I had made out of tap water, a whole onion, a whole carrot, rocks and other assorted whole vegetables.

My dad was a great sport when I made these creations and he always tasted them and told me how good they were. As I grew older, my mom and dad taught me how to cook at a young age and I fell in love.

It was and still is amazing how you can take very different ingredients and create one amazingly tasty dish.  I love to see the smiles on people’s faces when they taste food that I have created.  It is very satisfying to create recipes and cook them to perfection as it takes a long time to make something delicious.


This one is something that I didn’t get into until I was in my late teens. I have always enjoyed listening to inspiring talks that get you motivated about life but it wasn’t until I was about 17 that I discovered that I wanted to inspire people.  Now I don’t go out and perform huge talks but I do it on a small-scale.  Whether it be smiling at someone to help brighten their day, helping someone with a task or giving advice about something that is bothering someone.

Small scale inspiration to those who are close to me or are within my proximity.

I enjoy this because I love to spread happiness and if I can just make 1 persons day, every day, I will be happy.

Those are my top three passions in life so far, I assume as the years go by, I will gain more.






Lover of words, culinary enthusiast, mom to an adorable 5 year old, and changing the world for the better one day at a time.

Thoughts? Questions? Let me know!

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