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Rambling with JMaxwell: When it rains, it pours and how I dry off.

Have you ever had a day where several things go wrong and it completely deflates you because it seems to be just one thing after another. I had a day like this the other day and I thought I would share it with you and how I pulled myself out of my sour mood.

First, let’s talk about the rain,

So the other day I woke up tired and grumpy.  I hadn’t slept well and I had a migraine that had been lingering around for the past week.

I decided that I would just walk up to the pizza store, it’s just a 20 minute walk from my house and the sun was out.  Jakob (3) was napping with his daddy so I thought a nice walk to the plaza to get my eyebrows waxed, grab pizza for dinner and a little me time would be good to lift my mood.

The universe had other plans for me.

I get about halfway to the plaza when I see all the storm clouds move in, violent looking lightning bolts streaking across the sky and loud rumbling thunder. I started walking faster, cause well I have an irrational fear of thunderstorms.

I get to the plaza and go order the pizza, walk over and get my eyebrows waxed while I’m waiting. The sky clears, the sun is out and it’s going back to a nice day outside.

I get the pizza, wedges and a few dollar store items then make my way home.  I get a 1/4 of the way home when the pouring rain starts, like I mean torrential rain. I’m soaked, holding a pizza box and trying to walk home as fast as I can.

Any woman who wears flip-flops can tell you, it’s hell walking in the rain with these things. They slip off when wet and it is such a process to walk in them.

The universe wasn’t done yet, I get about 1/2 way home and I am at the field that leads to my street, I am about to step into the field when my flip-flop breaks. I try to fix it, but it started to be a never-ending task of fix shoe, walk 2 feet, fix shoe, etc.

So I take them off which is dodgy and risky considering at the end of the field, there is a cat walk alley where people like to litter but what choice did I have at this point.

I marched through the field and alley unscathed, it’s still pouring.

Now, I am at the corner of the main road and my street, literally a 2 minute walk from my house and I step on glass. It shoves into my foot and I have to limp/walk on the side of my foot to my house.

Just to add to it, as I approached my house, it began to pour even harder.

I hobble onto my porch and through the door to find my son and boyfriend are awake.  One look at me and my boyfriend just knew.

I didn’t say much, I just went upstairs to the bathroom to get the glass out of my foot.

Now, drying off:

I was fully ready to let this ruin my day further to put me in a bad mood for the rest of the night but my boyfriend wouldn’t let that happen.

When I came downstairs, he hugged me tight, he had the pizza all ready on the table and set up for dinner.

He looked at my foot and listened with concern while I told him what happened.

My little guy was concerned as well and wanted to make me all better and that’s when it hit me.

This day sucked, I mean really it did but I still have so many amazing things in my life.

A little rain, a little blood and a little frustration is just a small portion of my life.

My little family makes me feel so amazing and their love helps me gain perspective.

So my challenge to you is, when everything seems to be going wrong, find one thing that makes you happy, relaxed or calm.



**Side note:  The pizza made it, didn’t end up soggy or anything, which was an added bonus.**


Lover of words, culinary enthusiast, mom to an adorable 5 year old, and changing the world for the better one day at a time.

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