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Monday Review: Divergent by Veronica Roth. Ch 5-6

Brief Overview of Chapters 5-6

Beatrice finally chooses the faction she will be in for the rest of her life, if she makes it through initiation.

When the choosing ceremony ends, everyone leaves with the faction they chose. There are no goodbyes to your family. If you chose the faction you were born in, you will see your family again. If you are a transfer, you will get one chance to see your family on visiting day in a few weeks.

Beatrice is immediately immersed with her faction and begins initiation right away.

They will be tested to make sure they are suitable for the faction, if she doesn’t pass, she will become factionless.

An ultimate test is given and Beatrice thrives at it.

She is welcomed to the faction initiate program.








Chapter 5: The Choice.


 The day of choosing has come from Caleb and Beatrice. Caleb is completely calm where Beatrice is going to pieces in her head about the choice she has to make.

Once inside the building, the children who are making a choice are lined up in alphabetical order and are called up in reverse order.

This year Abnegation is in charge of the ceremony. Their leader Marcus speaks of history, war and how far they have come since splitting the city into 5 factions.


There are 5 bowls on the stage:

Grey stones for Abnegation

Lit coals for Dauntless

Water for Erudite

Earth for Amity

Glass for Candor


When each child makes their choice, they cut themselves with a knife and drip their blood into the bowl of their chosen faction.

As the saying goes, “Faction before blood.” (Roth. Pg. 43.)

Caleb and Beatrice hug and kiss their parents before sitting down.

Their dad says, “See you soon.” (Roth. Pg. 41.)

Their mom says, “I love you. No matter what.” (Roth. Pg. 41.)

Caleb and Beatrice hold hands as the ceremony begins and Beatrice wonders will her blood fall on stones or coal.

People are being called and they all choose their born factions.

The first transfer leaves Dauntless to join Candor. Dauntless will now see him as a traitor. He will not be allowed to go home.

Caleb is called and he chooses Erudite. Everyone is shocked; there are gasps and cries of rage.

Beatrice doesn’t know what to think because he seemed born for Abnegation. She now doubts whether she can be Abnegation, if he can’t. She vows she will stay for their parents, “I will be the child that stays; I have to do this for my parents. I have to.” (Roth. Pg. 47.)

Beatrice is called. She walks to the stage thinking about Caleb and her future life in Abnegation.

She drags the knife through her hand and holds it out. She shifts her hand and her blood sizzles onto the coals.

The chapter ends with Beatrice thinking, “I am selfish, I am brave.” (Roth. Pg. 47.)

 Favorite quotes from chapter five:

This quote is when Beatrice realizes why Caleb chose Erudite, “When I close my eyes, I see the stack of books on Caleb’s desk, and his shaking hands sliding along his legs after the aptitude test. Why didn’t I realize that when he told me to think of myself yesterday, he was also giving that advice to himself.” (Roth. Pg. 46.)


Chapter 6: Initiation Begins.


 Beatrice chooses Dauntless. She almost cries when she sees the look on her dads face.

Beatrice has second thoughts because Caleb seems to be doing so well with fitting in with Erudite.

There is no more time for her to think because Dauntless begins to run and she must follow.

They run, laughing and burst outside. Beatrice feels free as she runs because in Abnegation running is seen as selfish.

As the train arrives, all dauntless born initiates run and jump onto the moving train and soon it’s the transfer’s turn.

They start to jog and one by one, jump onto the moving train.

An Erudite boy isn’t so lucky; people try to help him on but don’t succeed.

He is left behind and is now factionless.

Beatrice muses that any one of them could be factionless next.

When Beatrice thinks of her parents as childless, she wants to cry and wonders if it is because of selflessness or if it is selfishness because she knows she will never be their child again.

The initiate must now jump off of the train onto to a rooftop, the drop between is deadly and all the transfers are freaking out.

Christina, a Candor girl and Beatrice land on the roof and scrap themselves up but are laughing hard about it.

They all make the jump one at a time, landing in various positions on the gravel roof. All but one girl makes it. She falls to the ground and dies.

Beatrice is affected by the death of the girl but she scolds herself thinking, “This is how things work here. We do dangerous things and people die. People die, and we move on to the next dangerous thing. The sooner that lesson sinks in, the better chance I have at surviving initiation.” (Roth. Pg. 56.)

Beatrice lifts her sleeve to inspect her scrapes and cuts. Another transfer named Peter yells that she is a ‘Stiff’ and ‘Scandalous’ for showing her bare arms.

Max, one of the leaders of Dauntless tells them for the next test, they will be required to jump off the rooftop into the Dauntless Compound. They aren’t told what is at the bottom. They must face this fear if they want to be part of the Dauntless initiation.

Beatrice walks to the ledge first and everyone snickers. Beatrice is sure it’s a scare tactic so she will land safely.

Beatrice undoes her shirt and reveals a tight tank top and whips it at Peter before jumping over the edge and falling into the compound.

She bursts out laughing as she falls into a net and grabs an outstretched hand.

She tumbles out of the net and a bright blue-eyed boy catches her, his name is Four.

Four asks her what her name is and she chooses to be called Tris.

A dark-haired Dauntless is shocked that the first jumper is a “stiff.”

Four scolds the girl, “There’s a reason why she left them Lauren.” (Roth. Pg. 60.)

The chapter ends with him saying to Tris, “Welcome to Dauntless.” (Roth. Pg. 60.)

Favorite Quote from chapter six:

 When a Dauntless girl named Lauren realizes the first jumper is a ‘stiff,’ “’Can’t believe it,’ a voice says from behind [Four.] It belongs to a dark-haired girl with three silver rings through her right eyebrow. She smirks at me. ‘A Stiff, the first to jump? Unheard of.’”

Thoughts on Chapter 5-6:

 These two chapters gave a lot of insight to the city and how it is run. I love the detail of the choosing ceremony and how much trouble Beatrice has with choosing.

I wanted to cheer for her when she chose to do something for herself versus doing what she is supposed to do.

I also love the Dauntless and how free they are in comparison to Abnegation. They look like an absolute riot.

You can already see Beatrice start to blossom in her new faction, she really looks like she belongs.

I want to know what is going to happen with her being Divergent, will it cause problems? What is in store for her during initiation? Who will Tris become?

I will be reviewing Chapters seven and eight next Monday, (Aug, 4th, 2014.)




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