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Recipe Myth Busting: “Sinless cookies”

Have you ever looked on a social media site and saw a recipe that you want to try but are worried that it won’t turn out? Well that’s what I’m here for!

I thought it would be fun to try out new recipes that are posted on social media or sent in by you guys and see if they work or not.

I found this photo recipe on Facebook,  I wish that I knew where it originally came from but unfortunately it has been shared so many times that I can’t find the original poster but if you click the pictures it will take you to the page I found it on!



Let’s talk about the 3 ingredient cookie for a second. This has been posted so much on Facebook!  It has taken over. It is absolutely awful but it’s because it’s bland. Organic lovers or health nuts will absolutely love this cookie but for me it’s big “no thank you” cookie. These cookies are a BUST!

BUT! I found a very similar cookie on Facebook through a different person, the cookie has been deemed the “sinless cookie.” It is a lot like the first one but some added ingredients makes it delicious while still remaining pretty healthy.






Note: When it comes to the oats, you can choose to grind them so they are super smooth cookies or leave them and have rustic, textured cookies. Also I used what I had so just normal peanut butter in these babies.


Mash two bananas in a bowl and add the oats.


Add peanut butter.

Mix well.


Add dark chocolate chips and mix until well combined.


Grease your pan and then roll small balls of dough and put them into a 350 oven for 10-15 minutes.


This is how mine turned out and I absolutely love these.  They are super moist, flavourful and delicious!

I approve of this recipe and would definitely make it again!






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