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Monday Review: Divergent by Veronica Roth. Chapters 3-4

Brief Overview of Chapters 3-4

Beatrice comes out of her aptitude test and Tori is acting suspicious.

Beatrice becomes worried and has a further conversation with Tori who tells her something huge as well as her results.  Beatrice rushes home to think about what her decision will be.

She reflects on her life in Abnegation, she has no idea what faction to choose.

You get a real good look at her family and how her life is.

The choosing ceremony is happening and her brother has shocking news.

You get insight into how and why they have this system set up and how the ceremony happens.

The fourth chapter leaves off on a dramatic note that makes you want to read further.



Chapter 3: Divergent.


Beatrice comes out of the aptitude test sweaty and nervous. She has a feeling that the test did not go well. This feeling is confirmed in her mind when Tori is acting weird.

Tori unhooked Beatrice from the machine and rushed out of the room.

At this point Beatrice is feeling like she failed the test.  She goes on in her head thinking about the factionless explaining that they are “divorced from society.”

Tori returns and apologies then explains to Beatrice that her test results were “inconclusive.”

Only two factions had been eliminated, Amity when she didn’t take the cheese and Candor because she lied.

Tori said that Beatrice identified with Dauntless, Erudite and Abnegation but only half of her responses were to Abnegation.

This only means one thing, Beatrice is Divergent and this is an extremely bad thing for her to be.  She is told to never tell anyone and to pick one faction to “hide” in.

Tori tells her to leave early so Beatrice walks home and on her way she encounters a factionless man.  When she tells him her age he says, “’Then isn’t today a special day for you? The day before you choose?’” (Roth, Pg. 26.)

The factionless man has a hold of her wrists and she is mentally preparing herself to fight him when he lets go of her and says, “‘choose wisely, little girl.’” (Roth, Pg. 26.)

Favorite quotes from chapter three:

“No…this is different. I don’t mean you shouldn’t share them now; I mean you should never share them with anyone, ever, no matter what happens. Divergence is extremely dangerous. You understand?” (Roth, Pg. 22-23.)

Chapter 4: Decisions, Decisions.


Beatrice arrives home from the test and she is reflecting about Abnegation again.

She thinks about why everything is grey, the houses, the clothes, everything is simple and exactly the same.

She muses that it is to protect the Abnegation people from greed, envy and vanity.

Beatrice thinks about how much she loves her faction from the outside but can’t make herself fit into the world of Abnegation as hard as she tries.

It is her turn to make dinner tonight but Caleb chooses to help her, she is quietly annoyed at how easy selflessness comes to her brother.

At dinner, her mom and dad speak together about the “anonymous” test mess up and how he had to be reported by hand.

Beatrice also finds out that Erudite has been writing crude things about Abnegation and the latest is about Marcus, one of their political leaders.

Jeanine Matthews is the sole representative of Erudite and she released a story about how Marcus had beat his son Tobias and is the reason why Tobias transferred to Dauntless years ago.

Beatrice’s dad makes it clear that Tobias betrayed his father by transferring and that the abuse allegation was false.  Her father goes on to speak about why Erudite attacks Abnegation and Beatrice decides that she will definitely not choose Erudite as her faction.

As Beatrice goes to her room, Caleb stops her and says: “’Beatrice, we should think of our family,’ There is an edge to his voice, ‘But. But we must also think of ourselves.’” (Roth, Pg. 36.)

The chapter ends with Beatrice struggling to choose between Abnegation and Dauntless.

She muses, “I realize that the decision might be simple. It will require a great act of selflessness to choose Abnegation, or a great act of courage to choose Dauntless, and maybe choosing one over the other will prove that I belong.” (Roth, Pg. 37.)

Favorite Quote from chapter four: 

“’You know why? Because we have something they want. Valuing knowledge above all else results in a lust for power, and that leads men into dark and empty places. We should be thankful that we know better.’” (Roth, Pg. 35.)

Thoughts on Chapter 3-4:

 I thoroughly enjoyed these two chapters.  You get a real sense of the struggle and fear that is running through Beatrice’s head.  You get a lot of information about some of the factions, the process of how you become part of a faction and also about a mysterious new thing called Divergent that is apparently dangerous to be.

It has definitely caught my attention and I am looking forward to finding out which faction she chooses. What will become of Beatrice?  Will she choose selflessness or courage?

Tori was really acting sketchy which makes me wonder if she is also Divergent and maybe that’s why she is helping Beatrice.

I am excited to find out more about what Erudite is up to and also about what the choosing ceremony will be like.

Next Monday, (July, 28th, 2014.)  I will be covering Chapters 5-6!




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