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Coming soon: book thoughts

Alright ladies and gentlemen.

You asked for it. I received a ton of emails after I tweeted out asking if you wanted me to review the Divergent series on my blog.  It seems as though a lot of my followers love books as much as I do.

So I was thinking of a way to do this that you could follow along if you had the book and share your thoughts with me. A few of you suggested something that I really loved which is that I will give my thoughts throughout my reading of the books.

What I will do starting next Monday, (July, 14th, 2014.) is give my thoughts on Divergent- Chapters 1-2. The following Monday, (July, 21st, 2014.) I will cover Chapters 3-4 and so on and so forth.

I will also provide a few paragraphs at the beginning of each post with non-spoiler material to let you know my general opinion so far so that those who haven’t read the book can still be a part of this process.

Then I will write in big bold letters: “SPOILER ALERT”

Following the warning, I will give my in detail thoughts, opinions, favourite quotes so far and where I think the book is heading.

I am super excited about starting a new category for my blog but don’t worry I will still feature my random thoughts, recipes, and DIYs as per usual.

Also please contact me either through the comment section or find my email on the contact page and give your requests for future books 🙂




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