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Gaming and me: Steam summer sale is almost over.

This is an extension of my first gaming and me where I talked about the games I already picked up from the summer sale and ones that I still wanted. A few followers asked if I was going to update on my purchases and I thought, why not!?

Well let’s just say, I got a ton of games this summer sale and I spent just over $20 bucks! Woohoo!

I am so incredibly happy with the turn out and I got almost everything on my wish list as well.

First here is what I purchased during the sale:

 To the Moon: Oh boy, this game is so very emotional, such a sad but happy at the same time storyline.  I have beat this one already but definitely re-playable.

Octodad: I have beat this one too and it is so much fun to play.  I had a riot and my boyfriend loves to watch me play.  Controlling an octopus and completing challenges is a lot of fun.  Definitely re-playable.

Tomb Raider: This game surprised me. I knew that it would be good, but I didn’t anticipate how amazing it is.  The graphics are great, it looks really realistic and there is so many different elements to the game that you end up getting lost in the immense world.  The storyline is fantastic.  I can’t wait for the next one to come out (which is coming holiday 2015.)

Awesomenauts: I have not played this one yet but it looks like it will be an enjoyable game.  It is a plat-former game in cartoon robots that are defending the planet.  Yup, I can’t wait to start this one.

Deus Ex- Human Revolution: I originally picked this game up for my boyfriend but once I saw him playing it, I just had to pick up a copy of it for myself.  It looks like a lot of fun and slightly challenging so I look forward to starting this game soon.

Millie: This one was a random purchase.  I don’t really know much about it.  It looks really cute and is a casual puzzle game about a millipede who always wanted to be a pilot. You must help her reach her goal.  I picked it up for 0.49 cents, I figured it was worth a try.

Portal one and two: Oh Portal, I have been in love with this game ever since I played it on my boyfriends computer a long long time ago.  When I saw that it was on sale and also playable on Mac, I almost fainted.  So I grabbed up one and two because Portal is my love. You must complete physical puzzles within the game to move through the levels while following the storyline.  Great storyline, great game. Re-playable, so much!

System shock 2: I picked this up, it is the building block that helped create Bioshock.  So I had to try it out.  I am excited to try out this game as it looks like a great shooter-style game as well as extremely creepy.

World of Goo:  This is a type of strategy game where you build goo towers with goo balls to help them escape up a pipe.  It’s a fun time-waster style game. It’s lots of fun, definitely re-playable.

I’m good for games for a very long time.  I can’t believe all these games came to just over $20 bucks. Steam, have I told you lately that I love your summer sales.

The only games that I wanted that I didn’t get were Rust, Plague Inc-Evolved and Planet Explorers.  This games all retail for around $13-$20 each and I just didn’t want to part with the money at this point. I will purchase these ones slowly over time or cross my fingers they are part of the winter sale 😉  If you would like to join me on steam, add me: MissMaxwell91.

*If you would like me to do an in-detail review of any of the games listed, please let me know.*



**I purchased all of these games with my own money and I am in no way sponsored by steam.**


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