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June 2014-Julep Maven Unboxing

Hello everybody!

I have my June Julep box and I thought it would be good to do an unboxing blog post for you.


First things first, I am not sponsored by Julep (though that would be pretty sweet!) I am just doing this because I know a lot of my followers enjoy these types of posts.

Julep Maven is a nail/beauty box, you take a quiz on the website and it chooses which chooses your style profile.  They will then send you monthly boxes that match your style.  You can change your style profile if you want to.  My style for this specific box is “Classic with a Twist.”

Let’s get to the unboxing!



I opened the purple-pink box to find glittering gold paper and a bunch of coupon codes for products on Julep.

A perk of being a Julep Subscriber is you get 20% off products that are on the Julep Maven website.


You get rewards for referring people to Julep Maven with your specific Julep code (No code from me, you can sign up on your own, I’ll leave the website link on the bottom of this post.  It would be unfair to post my code on here with so many followers, I’d always get a free box.)

This month we got a code that gives you a free polish with your $15 purchase from the Julep store and a 30% of the Oxygen product line code.


Now on to the products!  This month I was surprised to find three Willy Wonka pixie sticks in my box, (I guess that was the twist for this month.)

Box price: $27 monthly subscription, cancel any time with NO penalties.

I also received two amazing nail polishes. One is a red/mauve color that shimmers and a classic grey shimmer polish.   I also received  the Oxygen base coat that is used to smooth out imperfections in your nails to make sure that your nail polish glides on smoothly.

The red polish is called: Ariana and retails for $14.

The grey polish is called: Bergen, also retails for $14.

The Oxygen base coat retails for $18.

Total product value: $46 plus the pixie sticks. 

It is definitely worth the money if you like this style of products and as well if you like to receive surprise gifts every month.

Here is the website if you are interested:







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