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Knitting: how to get started.

About a year ago, I decided to teach myself how to knit. I love working with my hands and I figure I can make some neat things for family and friends!  I was thinking maybe there are some people out there that what to learn to so I am complying a list of helpful tips for anyone who wants to learn! Well here we go!

1. Knitting tools:  I recommend this website because it is fast, cheap and great quality. Check them out!   or you can get it from an actual store such as Walmart or Michaels.

2. Knitting How To’s:  I found this useful playlist on youtube, she explains well and gives lots of helpful instruction. Check it out.

3. Knitting Patterns:  You can find free knitting patterns every where, Pinterest, Facebook, any where!  Here’s a website to make it easier 😉

4. Extra Information:  With all the research I have done, every one recommends a size 8 knitting needle for starting out as it is not too large which will make things awkward with learning the stitches and not to small as to lose control while learning.

When it comes to yarn make sure that the specifications are correct as shown in this picture:


 The symbol that looks like an “X” is showing you what the yarn specifications are for knitting. Where it says U.S 7 means that you want a size 7 needle and a 4.5mm diameter.  The 10x10cm or 4in x 4in shows that is how big of a square you can make with the yarn.

The small hook means all the same things as above but applies to crocheting.

The picture where it states Medium 4 means that it is of medium weight.  It let’s you know what type of material you are working with so you can decide what to make with your yarn.

The rest of the information is instructions on washing, drying, etcetera.

Followed by the company and location of the company.

Now you are ready to start.  Just a warning when you first start out, you hands will get tired quickly.

I recommend starting a youtube video like I provided above and following the steps, pausing the video to practise and continue on.

Good luck and happy knitting.





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