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Influenster Canadian Voxbox unboxing! (and testing!)

voxbox-blogimage-popup2 ***I received this voxbox for free through influenster.***


I was one of the lucky Canadian’s that received a imPress Manicure voxbox!  I am super excited and the product looks fantastic!

Let’s get to the unboxing!

I received a small box in the mail with an influenster sticker on it and that always brings a smile to my face, I mean who doesn’t love free products to test out.


I opened up the box to find two different sets of imPress Manicure stick on nails.  These product requires no glue which is excellent because I hate using the glue on my nails.


This one is the Disney Villains, Evil Queen set, it’s a beautiful shade and it changes colors a bit when you move them.


This one is called Hottie and it’s a purple-pink nail with bright firework style streaks on it.  It is very colorful and I can’t wait to try these ones.


Each set comes with 24 nails and 12 different sizes. They say that they last up to a week but I assume it really depends on how rough you are on your nails.

Now for the fun part, let’s test it out.  I think I am going to try out the Hottie one because it suits my mood today.


This is what it looks like when you open it and this part is resealable and stores the rest of the nails underneath the showcase of five different nails.


Now to pick out the nails that fit your finger!  These come with little numbers on the inside tip so that you can ensure that you have the same for each hand. This product comes with a total of 12 sizes to try out.


Now it’s time to apply,  I couldn’t take a picture of the process because I needed both hands but it is incredibly simple. First you want to prep your nails with the alcohol wipe provided.

Next you want to peel off the plastic that is covering the adhesive (see the plastic tab on nails in picture above.)

Now you want to line it up and still it on your nail pressing firmly for about a minute to make sure it sticks.

I recommend starting at your pinky and doing your thumbs last because you will need your thumbs to pull the tabs off of the nails.

That’s it, repeat these steps for each nail and you are good to go!


I have had these nails on for about an hour and I love them.  They are comfy, a great length and seem to be very strong.

I am so impressed by this product and I would definitely purchase it in the future.


*Influenster is an invite only online community where you can review products, share on social networks and receive badges. The higher your social score, the more chance there is for being eligible for free samples, voxboxes, etc.  If you would like to be a part of it, you can ask me for a referral or you can log onto the influenster website and request to join which will give you the chance to join when a spot becomes available*





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