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April Fools Day

I have never really understood the whole practical joke day that happens every year on April 1st.  I know the history but I don’t know why we all participate in it.

I do admit sometimes the jokes are hilarious as they unfold through out the day but some people out there take it too far.

I’d rather just avoid this day and have a day where every one is nice to each other but I know that is an impossible dream.

For those who think I just can’t take a joke, you couldn’t be more wrong, I am constantly making fun of my self and full of witty comments/jokes/etc.

I just don’t like having a day devoted to pranks and jokes that sometimes hurt people mentally or physically.

But I am off to school and I will probably hear and see a ton of pranks, I will laugh and enjoy this day still, despite everything I just said, because comedy is comedy and rarely is it polite.

Catch ya later,
Jessica Maxwell