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Great Big Sea at the GM Centre Oshawa


      Great Big Sea took to the stage at the General Motors Centre in Oshawa last night as part of their 20th anniversary tour.

Welcomed by a crowd of almost 3 thousand on Thursday, Nov 28 at 8 p.m. They got right into the music, the opening song was “Ordinary Day” from their 1997 ‘Play’ album.

The crowd was humming with excitement with every song they played and the love in the room was obvious.  People dancing and screaming the lyrics as loud as they could.

When Great Big Sea sang, “The River Driver” from their 2005 album, “The Hard And The Easy” the amount of awe in the room was immense. Everyone was on their feet swaying to the beautiful acoustic melody.

The band kept the audience involved every chance they got as well as telling the crowd constantly how much they appreciated the dedication and love they have received for twenty years.

They also made jokes and gave off the vibe that they still love what they do. It made the experience even better because they were enjoying it just as much as the crowd was.

As they finished their last song, they left the stage causing the crowd to chant, “Great Big Sea” and clap continuously, which resulted in two encores.

The last song played was “Wave Over Wave” from their 1995 album ‘Up’ and the lasting memory from the concert is the small laugh and realization on Alan’s face as he sang out the lyric, “I’ve sailed the world over for decades or more and oft times I wonder what I do it for. I don’t know the answer it’s pleasure and pain but with life to live over I’d do it again.”

Great Big Sea left the stage and Alan blew the crowd a kiss. The crowd erupted with cheers and enthusiastic clapping.

A big thank you to the GM Centre for hosting the Great Big Sea concert and of course the band for putting on such an amazing 20th anniversary concert.

Set List of the November 28th concert at GM Centre Oshawa:

Set 1

  1. Ordinary Day
  2. Process Man (Chemical Workers Song)
  3. When I’m Up
  4. The Night Paddy Murphy Died
  5. Hearts of Hearts
  6. Goin’ Up
  7. Captain Wedderburn
  8. Concerning Charlie Horse
  9. What Are Ya’ At?
  10. The River Driver
  11. I’m a Rover
  12. Yankee Sailor
  13. Come and I Will Sing You
  14. Lukey

Set 2

  1. Let My Love Open The Door
  2. Jack Hinks
  3. When I Am King
  4. General Taylor
  5. Scolding Wife
  6. Everything Shines
  7. Good People
  8. Sea of No Cares
  9. Helmethead
  10. Consequence Free
  11. Mari-Mac
  12. Run Runaway

Encore 1:

Live This Life

Old Black Rum

Encore 2:

Wave Over Wave




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