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Crime Rates in Ontario

According to a 2012 Statistics Canada report, crime rates are declining for both adults and youth in Ontario.

Paul Dobbs, Manager of Technology and Community Development at the John Howard Society in Durham says, “We hear a lot about the need to get tough on crime as if there is some crisis underway.”

Fighting crime is always on the news and makes it seem like crime is on the rise, according to Dobbs, when in fact the crime rate is at it’s lowest. CBC News says it hasn’t been this low since 1972.

Non-violent crimes have dropped 4% for adults and 9% for youth, as well as 3% drop in adult violent crimes and 10% for youth crimes, according to Statistics Canada.

“Why a person breaks [the law] will vary, a person in poverty who steals to try and find a means to survive or a person with mental health issues that cannot understand right from wrong,” Dobbs said.

The John Howard Society helps crime prevention by providing people access to preventative services as well as providing interventions when someone has already been in trouble and needs help getting through it.





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