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Great Big Sea at the GM Centre Oshawa


      Great Big Sea took to the stage at the General Motors Centre in Oshawa last night as part of their 20th anniversary tour.

Welcomed by a crowd of almost 3 thousand on Thursday, Nov 28 at 8 p.m. They got right into the music, the opening song was “Ordinary Day” from their 1997 ‘Play’ album.

The crowd was humming with excitement with every song they played and the love in the room was obvious.  People dancing and screaming the lyrics as loud as they could.

When Great Big Sea sang, “The River Driver” from their 2005 album, “The Hard And The Easy” the amount of awe in the room was immense. Everyone was on their feet swaying to the beautiful acoustic melody.

The band kept the audience involved every chance they got as well as telling the crowd constantly how much they appreciated the dedication and love they have received for twenty years.

They also made jokes and gave off the vibe that they still love what they do. It made the experience even better because they were enjoying it just as much as the crowd was.

As they finished their last song, they left the stage causing the crowd to chant, “Great Big Sea” and clap continuously, which resulted in two encores.

The last song played was “Wave Over Wave” from their 1995 album ‘Up’ and the lasting memory from the concert is the small laugh and realization on Alan’s face as he sang out the lyric, “I’ve sailed the world over for decades or more and oft times I wonder what I do it for. I don’t know the answer it’s pleasure and pain but with life to live over I’d do it again.”

Great Big Sea left the stage and Alan blew the crowd a kiss. The crowd erupted with cheers and enthusiastic clapping.

A big thank you to the GM Centre for hosting the Great Big Sea concert and of course the band for putting on such an amazing 20th anniversary concert.

Set List of the November 28th concert at GM Centre Oshawa:

Set 1

  1. Ordinary Day
  2. Process Man (Chemical Workers Song)
  3. When I’m Up
  4. The Night Paddy Murphy Died
  5. Hearts of Hearts
  6. Goin’ Up
  7. Captain Wedderburn
  8. Concerning Charlie Horse
  9. What Are Ya’ At?
  10. The River Driver
  11. I’m a Rover
  12. Yankee Sailor
  13. Come and I Will Sing You
  14. Lukey

Set 2

  1. Let My Love Open The Door
  2. Jack Hinks
  3. When I Am King
  4. General Taylor
  5. Scolding Wife
  6. Everything Shines
  7. Good People
  8. Sea of No Cares
  9. Helmethead
  10. Consequence Free
  11. Mari-Mac
  12. Run Runaway

Encore 1:

Live This Life

Old Black Rum

Encore 2:

Wave Over Wave



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Crime Rates in Ontario

According to a 2012 Statistics Canada report, crime rates are declining for both adults and youth in Ontario.

Paul Dobbs, Manager of Technology and Community Development at the John Howard Society in Durham says, “We hear a lot about the need to get tough on crime as if there is some crisis underway.”

Fighting crime is always on the news and makes it seem like crime is on the rise, according to Dobbs, when in fact the crime rate is at it’s lowest. CBC News says it hasn’t been this low since 1972.

Non-violent crimes have dropped 4% for adults and 9% for youth, as well as 3% drop in adult violent crimes and 10% for youth crimes, according to Statistics Canada.

“Why a person breaks [the law] will vary, a person in poverty who steals to try and find a means to survive or a person with mental health issues that cannot understand right from wrong,” Dobbs said.

The John Howard Society helps crime prevention by providing people access to preventative services as well as providing interventions when someone has already been in trouble and needs help getting through it.




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My lovely little Jakob…

My boyfriend and son were playing outside the other day, it was freezing and starting to rain, in an attempt to get our son inside he offered to make him some hot chocolate if he came inside because he was going to get wet in the rain.  Jakob climbs into his toy car and states nonchalantly, “Well, it’s dry in here, I’ll stay here and you bring me some hot chocolate.”

There are countless times a day where he says the funniest things at the perfect moment and we laugh so much.  It’s great. I love it.  He is so carefree and happy about life. It’s refreshing to see the innocence of a child.

Today I noticed that my adorable little Jakob was running around completely butt naked and when asked where his underwear was  he replied, “I don’t know why I need underwear mommy, I’m fine!”

Every day he surprises me with a new little phrase or how thoughtful he is.  He has such concern when you are sick or hurt, he notices when you are sad and will be the first one to give you a hug, rub your back and make you feel better.  When I burnt my arm recently, he was so upset that I had been hurt my the oven. He almost cried, he hugged me and cuddled me.  Then he rubbed my back and crooned, “It’s okay mommy, it’s okay, my baby. It’s going to be alright. I’ll make you better, I love you,”  he makes my heart melt daily.

These are the moments I will look back on when he is a teenager and out of control. I will look back at them and remember that somewhere inside that teenager is my little Jakob.


Jessica Maxwell



Hanging out on the bike path.
Hanging out on the bike path.
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Why is Social Media so Useful for Newsrooms?

Social media is a part of everything we do in today’s society. According to ComScore’s most recent report, Canadians spent 41 hours online each month in 2012.

Ken Pearson, Digital Content Manager for Metroland’s Durham Division gave some insightful information about how crucial it is to be online and current. Not only is it the best way to reach a large amount of people all at once but it also offers more flexibility in how you present your information.

Pearson said, “This is why I love social media. If I didn’t have social media, I wouldn’t have the page views,” continuing that without those page views he and the company would make less money.

Social media allows you to connect with your readers and generate traffic on your website in a fun and creative way that engages everyone.

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Interviewing Chef Lisa McKay

Lisa McKay is a Culinary Technologist at Durham College’s Centre for Food. She spoke about how to be successful in the culinary industry. In the above video, she talked about her hardest career moment as a restaurant owner and why she loves what she does at Durham College now. The one piece of advice she gave to fellow chef’s resonated with me, “You have to work hard and you have to have passion for what you do, cooking is hard work but it’s also very rewarding,” she added, “as long as your heart is in it, then it’s a good career path.”

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In loving memory…

Life is great and it is such a gift compared to the alternative.

When somebody passes away, everything comes into perfect vision, what you should have done, what you will miss, what you wish you had said.  It’s all over the place grief.

When someone passes away, we have a funeral where everyone says what they loved about them. We celebrate the life they lived and share the sadness that it’s over. We cry, we laugh. It’s  a very emotionally raw day of letting go of that loved one and putting them to rest.

For the first year or two, you visit the graveyard, you bring flowers or little gifts. You get together and memorilize the person you have all lost. You hold onto the grave stone as if it is the only thing that will keep that loved one close to you.

As time goes on, so do you.  The flowers at the grave wilt, not very many people visit anymore, there name stops coming up in conversations. Life.Just.Goes.On. and sometimes its hard. Very hard.

Sometimes close family members grieve for years rather than months and it hurts them that people move on so quickly. People will forget your loss.  The need to remember the person is placed in flowers, grave-side visits, tears and sorrow but even the most dedicated and heartbroken family members will move on eventually. Your life can’t end.

That’s not to say that we forget that loved one,  they are always there beside us. Their favourite flower will bring back memories, their favourite place or even a situation where they would know just what to say, will bring all the good memories in.

The act of moving on is not forgetting, it’s about being able to remember the good things about their life without falling apart into pieces at the mention of their name.

For the people I have lost and the loved ones of my friends and family that are no longer here, here’s to moving forward in our lives and keeping our loved ones memory alive in everything we do.

J Maxwell